Hi, I'm Darrin.

Product Designer | Bay Area, CA

I most recently worked at ServiceMax, where I focused on crafting end-to-end mobile experiences to help service technicians keep our world running.

Before getting into product design, my background was in computer science and game development. Today, I approach design as a systems thinker with an obsession for detail and consistency. A few of the projects I've worked on include design systems, workforce productivity tools, and payment processing. Through my experience working on these projects, I've found that I am most fulfilled when working with teams that value ethical responsibility, long-term success, and high quality craft.

When I'm not nit-pixeling in Figma, you can probably find me building custom keyboards or going for a drive in my Miata. More recently, I've been exploring the world of espresso and learning how to pour latte art.

Want to chat? Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. If you prefer email, you can also drop me a note at hello@darrin.design.

Self-taken photograph of Darrin and an owl standing on his arm

fun fact: there are actually two owls in this photo (ovo)